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Lockdown… blues or smiles?

Tell us and you could get featured in the next issue of Supernova magazine! We have been under lockdown in South Africa because of the coronavirus pandemic. We could not go to school, see our friends and family or even go outside. The reason for the lockdown was to...

What makes Earth so unique?

Scientists believe Earth had a twin, Theia. The planets were born in similar orbits and soon collided. A ring of debris left from the obliteration of Theia was orbiting Earth. Earth was impacted by the debris but was absorbed, making Earth a much larger planet. This...

The great Bog Snorkeling championship!

Discover more about the weird, yet fantastic sport known as bog snorkeling, and learn how and where it takes place.

Exotic Fruit

Whenever you get asked what your favourite fruit is, apples, pears and strawberries come to mind. But did you know that the world is jam-packed with other fruits which are just as tasty?We hear more and more about all sorts of weird and wonderful fruits on various...

Sci-Fi Technology Come True

Amazing Sci-Fi Technology Come True Ever wondered where the idea for your cell phone or your tablet came from? A lot of the amazing sci-fi technology that we use today was thought of as impossible, or even fantastical. People saw these amazing inventions in shows like...

Beautiful Bonsai

Bonsai originated in the East around 1000 to 500 BC. This Eastern art became more prevalent in the Han, T’Sun and the Tang Dynasties in China. Tomb paintings depict the Crown Prince Zhang Huai having movable landscapes carried around for his personal enjoyment in 706...

Strange Coincidences

Have you ever wondered how a friend was doing and then they phoned you seconds later? Maybe you made a new friend with whom you happen to share a birthday. Perhaps you have gone on vacation to a faraway place and bumped into someone you know from home. Coincidences...

Can You Invent a Totally New Language?

Have you ever tried to invent a totally new language? Learn about the two major types of conlangs, artlangs and auxillary languages!

Acquired Tastes

7 Slightly Acquired Tastes in South Africa Admit it, your favourite thing about a Sunday afternoon is probably being able to snack on koeksisters with Rooibos tea or having some of your Gogo’s famous Mogodu with ting or rice for lunch. Or, better yet, being able to...

21 Remarkable Women

On the 9th of August 1956, 20000 South African women of all colours and cultures marched to the Union Buildings to protest South Africa’s pass laws, which restricted where people of colour were allowed to go. The government wanted to make changes to the pass laws that...

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Movies through the ages

Movies through the ages

There's something magical about films. They offer an escape from reality, transport us to unimaginable places, and...

Make your own animal piñata!

Make your own animal piñata!

Grab your tools, and get your DIY skills flowing! Create an awesome paper mâché animal piñata filled with your favourite sweets.

Make a no-bake mug cake!

Make a no-bake mug cake!

What better way to spoil your mom and dad (or yourself!) than with this easy and delicious no-bake microwave mug cake?

What makes Earth so unique?

What makes Earth so unique?

Scientists believe Earth had a twin, Theia. The planets were born in similar orbits and soon collided. A ring of...

Myths from Ancient Greece

Myths from Ancient Greece

Myths are traditional stories that present characters such as talking animals, monsters and gods. Most myths...

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Vol 9.4 of Supernova is here!

Vol 9.4 of Supernova is here!

Vol 9.4 of Supernova has just arrived! Our new issue is here to keep you entertained with awesome facts, crafts and games!

SN Online: Our new home on the web

SN Online: Our new home on the web

Supernova has gone online! Welcome to Supernova magazine's latest online creation! You can now access some of our best...

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