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A Holiday in Space

It's time for a holiday in space and the universe is your oyster. You can choose from any of these exotic destinations for the holiday of your dreams. The universe awaits, so browse through these concept posters imagined by NASA and book your tickets now for the...

Snail Racing

You don’t need to be fast to be a world racing champion. Just ask Herbie 2. He is the current world champion and a snail! Herbie 2, owned by Colin Voss from Histon in Cambridgeshire, won the World Snail Racing Championships on 16 July 2016. Herbie 2 covered the 33cm...

Shaping a Nation

Historical settlements that made South Africa a Rainbow Nation. Imagine a South Africa without pap and wors. Now imagine that there was no sound of vuvuzelas at a soccer match, no bobotie, no brightly-coloured Ndebele traditional houses to admire, no rolling...

Books, Books, Books!

A nose for books There is actually a name for ‘old book smell’! If you enjoy catching a whiff of those yellowed, dusty pages of old books, it’s called ‘bibliosmia’. Scientists can estimate the age of a book by just sniffing its pages. This is called...


Trains! It wasn’t too long ago that most children wanted to be train drivers. In the days of huge steam engines, there was a great attraction to standing on the footplate, driving the few thousand horsepower of thundering, steaming, smoking, whistling and...

Marie Curie

A woman triumphing over adversity What is one thing we must never take for granted in the 21st century? A simple answer: education! Not too long ago, education for many people was a privilege, not a right, and many incredibly intelligent people had to either fight to...

Easter Island and the Moai

The Moai statues, commonly known as the Easter Island heads, have always held great mystery. I was fortunate enough to see these enormous heads up close and learn what has been discovered about them. Megaliths The Moais are megaliths. In other words, each statue is a...

Video: The African Penguin – A Supernova mini documentary

In this Supernova documentary about African Penguins, we introduce you to a unique South African bird. It may be clumsy on land, but a master of the seas. Boulders beach, at the southern most tip of the African continent is home to a variety of wildlife and endemic...

Video: Page through Supernova magazine!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAUvS5lX4mE Watch us page through Supernova magazine. Each issue of Supernova magazine is filled with awesome articles and colourful illustrations and images. Watch more videos:

Discovering the History of Dogs

We all love our pets. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. But did you know that dogs weren’t always tame? In fact, according to scientists, dogs originally descended from the grey wolf between 10 000 and 30 000 years ago. The first dogs There is no doubt that...

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Budget like a Boss

Budget like a Boss

Hey, whiz kids! While some of you may be fortunate enough to earn some pocket money in exchange...

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Supernova Issue 48 Emag

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Free Supernova Emag 49

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