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Magazines for curious kids

Our stable of South African and international magazines for curious kids are the perfect tools for learning in and outside the classroom.

All our magazines help boost reading skills, concentration span and general knowledge. Above all, giving your child critical skills and leading them on a path of life-long-learning.

Ever since I was introduced to your magazine in 2016, I have loved it. The children in my class look forward to our monthly delivery and read every word. They are particularly useful for project work as the information is suitable and relevant for them. I am so grateful for the boredom busters you have made available online. I send them to all the families in our small school and they love them. So many self-directed projects from the children have emerged from these. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Kym van Straaten

Randburg Montessori Principal

Find the right mag for the right age

Highlights High Five™

Stories, poems and activities to engage children in early learning and to become curious, creative, caring and confident.

Every page reinforces skills that prepare preschoolers for reading, math, and other areas of learning.

Highlights High Five magazines
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Highlights magazines include a mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, puzzles, crafts, science experiments and interactive entertainment. Kids explore new topics, investigate cool subjects and find out about the world around them.

Highlights magazine
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It is dedicated to making children aware of issues which affect them, their community and their environment and gives them the tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens.

Supernova magazines
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Develop a
reading culture at home!

Develop a culture of life-long-learning with our stable of amazing children’s magazines. We offer a range of world-class magazines specifically designed to open your child’s mind and instil a love for reading from as young as 2-years old, all the way through the early teens.

From first words in print and bed-time stories for your toddler, to engaging reading for your serious teen, our magazines are carefully crafted to keep them engaged, while increasing reading confidence. We believe that any child who grows up with Highlights High Five!, Highlights and Supernova will develop excellent cognitive skills, empathy and an inquisitive mind which will last their entire lives.


Our Mission

To publish magazines and books that are read and loved by millions of children and families world-wide. Above all, we strive to create publications of exceptional integrity which have material impact on their readers’ lives and help lead a generation towards a new plan for humanity and the planet.

Our Vision

Through our work we want to see every child who grows up with Supernova

  • develop an inquisitive mind
  • cultivate a strong sense of self in an immense universe
  • build resilience against bigotry and fear
  • foster a sense of hope and ambition
  • be active in halting the degradation of our natural environment

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