Issue 10.6 of Supernova magazine is here

Written by Candice

Sep 26, 2022

Hey Superkids!

Spring is here and it is finally time to put those jackets and fur-lined boots away! First things first, get your goggles and your best bathing suit ready, because we’re going on an underwater adventure. The latest issue of Supernova is here, and we are going to dive deep with some super intelligent dolphins.

Get ready to show off those beach waves, because the Pinboard starts off where Jules tells us if hair grows faster in the summer. We learn how scientists are using 3D printers to save coral reefs from extinction. And, we have a look at some colourful extra-terrestrial photos from NASA. If you have never heard of a sea cow, you are in for a surprise, because we are going to learn about the cutest, squishiest sea animal ever!

We head over to the Photo Feed where we learn what Island Dwarfism is and how it affects animals! We meet Enoch Sontonga, the composer of our very own national anthem! And, in the Pro-Files, we meet Maya LeMaitre, the comic artist and creator of the beloved Mimi from Mimi’s Life on Mars. If you have ever created your own comic, don’t forget to tell us all about it!

Make sure you pack your camera, because we are jumping on an aeroplane and visiting the gorgeous Galapagos Islands! What is your favourite destination we have gone to so far? Get ready for some sticky situations, because our chewing gum will be telling us about its oldest ancestors and why it was ever invented.

Chew on it a little issue 10.6

We asked our subscribers to make one rule that the whole world has to follow, and we had some pretty fantastic answers! What rule would you make that everyone else had to follow? Remember to let us know! Then, you should get your competitive side ready, because we are having a look at some of the weirdest and wackiest races humans ever created. If the human race wanted to make a competition out of something random, they can surely do it!

Weird and wacky races issue 10.6

Have you found a spot for this Big Picture of the new issue? Because, we have a striking picture of the amazing mauve stinger jellyfish that would look amazing on your wall. For our science and animal lovers, we have a Tech Talk that is all about microchipping animals. We learn how something as small as a grain of rice can help us find lost pets!

Microchips in animals issue 10.6

Then, we can dive deep into the waters of the ocean with our dolphin friends and learn all about their lives and how their bodies are put together. After that, you can make your very own dolphin plushie to cuddle up with at night in the Eco-craft section! Whether you buzzed off your dad’s hair, or cut some bangs for someone in the house, most of us played hairstylist during lockdown. Have you ever stopped to wonder about the different hairstyles people of different cultures and religions wore throughout history? Have a look at some of the most complicated and fascinating hairstyles ever worn!

Having a lava lamp next to your bed at night is a pretty cool experience, but did you know that there are lights even more beautiful in nature? Learn all about bioluminescence in nature and tell us which bright organism is your favourite in this issue. If you like watching Formula 1, you will absolutely love our article about the history of motorsport. From a car that could only go up to 19km/h, to cars that can go up to 400km/h!

The history of motorsports issue 10.6

Organise a fun, eco-friendly game to play with your friends while you clean up the planet. Learn how to make nature clean-up fun, and never ever feel like you are doing boring chores ever again! For this issue’s Brain Games, we have a super cool sunken maze for you to do! Will you be able to help the octopus get to his starfish friend? Lastly, enjoy the hilarious comic at the end, where Doctor RIP tells us which animal is more dangerous, the lion or the hippo!

As always, we cannot wait for you guys to see this amazing new issue. Remember to get your very own issue here!

Stay curious, Kids!

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