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Written by Supernova

Dec 19, 2022

Hey Curious Kids!

Welcome to the brand new Supernova Vol 11.1! What better to way celebrate a new year than sitting back and relaxing with your favourite kids mag? Start the year with our awesome new volume, and get ready for an exciting ride! 

We start this adventure off by celebrating one of the tiniest creatures in our nature…the bee! Learn how bees and other pollinators mean a lot more for our ecosystem than we ever realised and see which pollinator is your favourite. And while we learn about busy bees and other pollinators, we also learn how to make a bee house for the little friends in our gardens. For any solitary bees in your garden, this little bee house is perfect! 

The Pinboard is chock full of the most interesting facts you have ever seen! We learn how forests affect our lives, see what actual human towers look like and learn how high up they can go. Then, we see what genius inventions were released this year, learn about the horseshoe crab (a living organism with actual blue blood!) and undercover a shocking fact about polar bears! 

The composer who defied deafness, Ludwig von Beethoven, makes a bang of an appearance, and in the new section, Culture Corner, we look at some fascinating traditions to do with gift giving around the world! 

Discover the the beautiful world of beekeeping in our Profile article! You’ll find out that the best part about beekeeping is that any of us can do it! In our Trends section, we see how cool it actually is to go thrifting – we love the art of bargain hunting!

We go on to learn how glasses have changed people’s lives throughout history and what they looked like when they were first invented. Then, move on over to the Tech Talk, where we learn what e-waste is and how we can work together to change its horrible effects on humanity! 

In this issue, our resident traveller, Andy, got on a plane and flew all the way to the mystical Santorini. With her gorgeous hat and her super cool sunnies, she visited some ancient sites and colourful beaches while she learnt all about the beautiful island! And in Life, the Universe and Everything, take a look at some awesome super skills none of us ever thought possible – from a woman who doesn’t feel pain, to a man who can run forever! 

In the PhotoFeed, visit the grandest of gardens from all around the world. From trees that light up at night, to the largest human form on the planet, some of these gardens are going to leave you astonished! 

Moving on to our first explosive feature, we meet a few scientists who experimented on themselves, and some of them went a little bit too far! There are dads and sons testing poisonous gases, and surgeons who operated on themselves! You’ll meet some very special breeds of scientist in this article.

Next up, hop on a boat and go on a journey up the Nile River where we learn about its rich history, geography, and the ancient deities of the Egyptian people. Then, get ready to take aim, because we are learning how to play kleilat with our friends and family!

In our Brain Games section, look out for some flying test tubes in a few explosive experiments, and try unscramble a secret message. Then you can curl up and enjoy our new section, Conversations with Candice, where we talk about losing friends and how to deal with this difficult time in our lives. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our awesome comics – including two brand new, never-before-seen comic adventures! We also have some beautiful Big Picture posters that you can tear out to decorate your bedroom walls! This brand new Supernova Vol 11.1 is just packed with so much fun, we hope you keep busy all month long! Make sure to get your issue now!

Stay Curious, Kids!

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