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About Supernova

Through Supernova, the mag for curious kids, we spread a love for learning and empower children to become responsible citizens of the world. Through all our media platforms, we influence the children of South Africa to make responsible decisions which benefit them, the community and the environment. 

Our content is fun, engaging and factual, which is why our readers love us so much. 

My team and I work very hard to grow our magazine, locally and internationally. I am determined to make Supernova a household name and South Africa’s most loved kids’ magazine. I believe that anyone who comes along with us will benefit. 

Benoit Knox

Benoit Knox

Founder and Director of BK Publishing (pty) ltd

Technical details

Cover Price  R80pm or R810pa for a couriered subscription
Frequency Every two months
ISSN 977 2224 1442
Pages 48

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Our readers consume your products.

Their parents spend money on them.

They care about the planet.

They want to be engaged.

Our audience

‘TWEENS’ (8-15)


Primary market profile
  • Children aged 8 – 15
  • LSM10-high
  • Private, public, and home-schooled school boys and girls 
  • Curious and have a good general knowledge
Secondary market profile
  • Teachers and academic department heads
  • School, municipal and provincial librarians
  • Home-schooling parents
  • Remedial teachers, educational psychologists and reading therapists



The ABC of Supernova

Print Subscriptions and single copy sales

1000 copies printed

Sold countrywide through

Sold at monthly events, including:
– farmers’ markets and home-schoolers’ expos and school visits

Sold at annual events, including:
– Hobby-X (12 000 visitors)
– Eduweek (Africa’s leading educational trade     
– Kidscon (30 000 visitors)

– South African Book Fair (trade and public)

E-mag and Newsletter

All back-issues are available worldwide on Snapplify, Magzter, Odilo, YouScribe.

Our newsletter goes out twice a week to an audience of parents and educators of over 2000 active subscribers.

Kids will champion your cause.

Kids are loyal to brands that speak to them.

These are our future leaders. Give them Hope!

Page through Vol 9.1, our 49th issue of Supernova

Our Mission

To publish magazines and books that are read and loved by millions of children and families world-wide. Above all, we strive to create publications of exceptional integrity which have material impact on their readers' lives and help lead a generation towards a new plan for humanity and the planet.

Our Vision

Through our work we want to see every child who grows up with Supernova

  • develop an inquisitive mind
  • cultivate a strong sense of self in an immense universe
  • build resilience against bigotry and fear
  • foster a sense of hope and ambition
  • be active in halting the degradation of our natural environment

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Only 6 ads per issue! 

Our content is carefully crafted, fair and balanced. Each of our 52 pages must benefit the reader. We only partner with brands who have sound products and responsible messaging. 

We don’t crowd our magazine with masses of adverts, so your advert will always be prominent.

Advertise in Supernova magazine and speak to our audience in a way that will make a lasting impact. Find out our options and rates

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Our advertisers

Since 2011, Supernova magazine has partnered with amazing brands. We help our these brands to tailor their messages to children and to make an impact through inspiring, well crafted messaging and visuals. Speak to us about how we can help you to speak to our audience over a range of platforms.

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