Mimi's Life on Mars by Maya LeMaitre

Maya LeMaitre

Comic artist and Author of

Mimi’s Life on Mars

Mimi's Life on Mars by Maya LeMaitre

Interview with the author of Mimi’s Life on Mars

Sep 30, 2022 | 0 comments

Hey Super Kids!

Our brand new comic, Mimi’s Life on Mars is out now! At KidsCon 2022, we sat down with the author and creator to talk about what inspired the Mimi comic, hear more about the creating process, and see some sneak peeks of the book.

Watch the full Mimi’s Life on Mars interview here:

“I’m speeding towards an unknown future on a distant planet . . . Mars!
The fire star! The Red Planet!”

– Mimi Marsh

More about Mimi’s Life on Mars

Mimi’s Life on Mars is a comic that follows Mimi Marsh, a young girl who has to move to Mars with her family. She has to go through a lot of changes in her life, but she makes the most of it. Mimi goes on adventures and makes friends in the most unlikely of circumstances. She overcomes obstacles with the people she loves by her side, and learns the value of true friendship. 

Supernova & Mimi at KidsCon 2022!

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Mimi’s Life on Mars
By Maya LeMaitre
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