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Beetroot Milkshake

Beetroot Milkshake

Have you ever wondered what colour a hippo's milk is? Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Africa's...

Build your own Leprechaun Trap

Build your own Leprechaun Trap

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we are learning how to build a leprechaun trap, while we also learn a bit more about the history of the day!

Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft

It’s the spooky time of the year and Supernova is celebrating by crafting creepy characters to put around the house. Craft along with us!

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Highlights High Five™

Stories, poems and activities to engage children in early learning and to become curious, creative, caring and confident. Every page reinforces skills that prepare preschoolers for reading, math, and other areas of learning.


Highlights magazines include a mix of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, puzzles, crafts, science experiments and interactive entertainment. Kids explore new topics, investigate cool subjects and find out about the world around them.


Supernova is of the highest educational standard. It is dedicated to making children aware of issues which affect them, their community and their environment and give them the tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens.

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