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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It’s everywhere and it doesn’t go away. It is a great advantage to us, but it’s also become a curse. It’s plastic, of course. It’s an invention that has only been around for about 60 years, but now comes in so many useful forms. If it is so useful, then why is it a...

Video: Page through Supernova magazine!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAUvS5lX4mE Watch us page through Supernova magazine. Each issue of Supernova magazine is filled with awesome articles and colourful illustrations and images. Watch more videos:

South African Mysteries

Check out these spooky and unsolved South African mysteries. Share your own mad mystery with us and you could win a Scoob hamper!

Rosetta Space Probe

In November 2014, a historic event took place. A space probe sent out a lander module to land on the surface of a comet. Rosetta was launched on 2 March 2004 on an Ariane 5 Rocket. It reached the comet 67P on 6 August 2014. The spacecraft travelled 6 billion km to...

South African UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Anyone up for a road trip? Are you in? Let’s go!Our country is full of rich and diverse cultural, historical and natural elements. There are many wonderful places you can visit. You don’t just have to go overseas to experience the magic of new places. Eight great...

Snail Racing

You don’t need to be fast to be a world racing champion. Just ask Herbie 2. He is the current world champion and a snail! Herbie 2, owned by Colin Voss from Histon in Cambridgeshire, won the World Snail Racing Championships on 16 July 2016. Herbie 2 covered the 33cm...

A Holiday in Space

It's time for a holiday in space and the universe is your oyster. You can choose from any of these exotic destinations for the holiday of your dreams. The universe awaits, so browse through these concept posters imagined by NASA and book your tickets now for the...

Lockdown… blues or smiles?

Tell us and you could get featured in the next issue of Supernova magazine! We have been under lockdown in South Africa because of the coronavirus pandemic. We could not go to school, see our friends and family or even go outside. The reason for the lockdown was to...

Shaping a Nation

Historical settlements that made South Africa a Rainbow Nation. Imagine a South Africa without pap and wors. Now imagine that there was no sound of vuvuzelas at a soccer match, no bobotie, no brightly-coloured Ndebele traditional houses to admire, no rolling...

Video: The African Penguin – A Supernova mini documentary

In this Supernova documentary about African Penguins, we introduce you to a unique South African bird. It may be clumsy on land, but a master of the seas. Boulders beach, at the southern most tip of the African continent is home to a variety of wildlife and endemic...

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Books, Books, Books!

Books, Books, Books!

A nose for books There is actually a name for ‘old book smell’! If you enjoy catching a whiff of those...

21 Remarkable Women

21 Remarkable Women

On the 9th of August 1956, 20000 South African women of all colours and cultures marched to the Union Buildings to...

Lockdown… blues or smiles?

Lockdown… blues or smiles?

Tell us and you could get featured in the next issue of Supernova magazine! We have been under lockdown in South...

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Auf wiedersehen Alexander

Auf wiedersehen Alexander

Supernova’s Production Manager, Alexander Moolman, is leaving the team. Publisher Benoit Knox reflects on his time here and his impact on the magazine and says good-bye.

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