Halloween Craft

Written by Supernova

Oct 28, 2022

It’s the spooky time of the year and Supernova is celebrating by crafting creepy characters you can put around the house. Follow along and find out how you can make your own!

What you will need:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Polystyrene balls
  • Paper
  • Wool
  • Wood glue

Step 1:

Draw out a scary face on the polystyrene ball. We chose a vampire, witch, zombie, and pumpkin head.

Step 2:

Grab your paintbrushes and get to painting! Make sure to cover the entire polystyrene ball.

Step 3:

After the paint has dried start to paint or draw on the face.

Step 4:

Use the wool to give your character some hair. Decide on what length you want your character’s hair to be and cut a few strands that are the same length.

Step 5:

Use wood glue to stick the wool onto your character’s head.

Step 6:

Now for the accessories! Use paper to cut some things out for your characters to wear like hats or wings or even a very long nose!

Step 7:

Paint the accessories and paste them onto your character with wood glue to finish the final look.

And now you are done! You can put your creepy characters around the house or even hang them on trees outside. Just remember to clean them up after Halloween!

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