Food for Thought campaign reaches communities in need

Publisher Benoit Knox holding up a box of Food for Thought magazine and book packs.

Written by Benoit Knox

Jun 25, 2020

In May I called on you to help us support children in need. Your response has been overwhelming and I’m excited to give you this update on our Food for Thought campaign! As a result of your generous sponsorships, we have managed to provide books and magazines to hundreds of children, and we plan to do much, much more.

Following our success with Yabana Village, Eleos and Infinite Hope Foundation, we are now focussing our attention on Reach for a Dream Foundation. There are 300 children in hospitals around South Africa who are receiving treatment for life-threatening diseases, in remission or awaiting treatment. We will give each child a Food for Thought pack comprising 2 age-appropriate magazines, activity sheets and a copy of Metz and Bop and the Big Library Theft.

Completed Food for Thought Packs ready for distribution
Completed Food for Thought Packs ready for distribution.

“What a beautiful initiative, we would love to be considered as a beneficiary. We have 300 children at the moment that are in lockdown waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled. Many of these children do not have the correct channels to be home-schooled, so they would really benefit from these books.”

Natalie Lazaris 
Head of Business Development, Reach for a Dream Foundation

Reach for a Dream Foundation

Reach for a Dream Foundation is one of South Africa’s best-loved organisations. They work with children fighting life-threatening illnesses by providing them with support and distraction from the seriousness of their illnesses by fulfilling their dreams.

BK Publishing has worked with Reach for a Dream before. In 2012 we helped a teenager with kidney failure fulfil her dream of publishing her book, while she was waiting for a transplant donor. It was a fulfilling experience and we gained so much appreciation for the work that the foundation does.

Update on Food for Thought Campaign in Numbers

  • To date we have produced and delivered 460 packs.
  • In other words, that’s a whopping 1590 magazines and books!
  • In addition we’ve printed 940 activity and instruction sheets.
  • All thanks to the generous donations of just 60 individuals.
  • Sponsorships ranged from R90 per individual to R4000!
  • We received sponsorships from friends in Belgium, Germany, Australia and all over South Africa.
  • Our largest single sponsorships came from friends in Germany and Australia totalling 131 packs.
  • Our friends in Belgium have collectively sponsored 47 packs (Merci beaucoup!).

How you can support the initiative

  • Firstly, you can follow any of these links to pay R90.00 by credit card, EFT or with the Snapscan app. Use your name and FFT as a reference.
  • Secondly, you can get a few friends together and collect a bulk sponsorship. For example, get a collection going at work among your friends and make one payment. If you can, please make a note of all their names so that we can send a big ‘thank you’ message.
  • Thirdly, please get your companies to take part. I know it’s a difficult time, however you might be working for a company that is looking for an initiative to support. To this end, please put us in touch with your CSI department.
  • Most importantly, you can make the biggest impact on our campaign by spreading the word! Follow Supernova magazine on Facebook and keep up to date with the #foodforthoughtcampaign.

Thanks, and stay safe!

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