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Written by Chanel Roux

Mar 12, 2024

Hey Curious Kids!

Our latest issue of Supernova delves into the fascinating world of Tutankhamun, the boy king of ancient Egypt. Discover intriguing facts about Egyptian culture, such as the unique statues with human bodies and animal heads like crocodiles and birds. Immerse yourself in the rich history and mysteries of this ancient civilisation through captivating stories and illustrations in this issue. Learn how old Tutankhamun was when he became king. Discover the secrets of the ancient pyramids and tombs. Explore this captivating edition as we also uncover funky festivals from around the globe and reveal surprising van life facts that will make you want to live on the road or not.

Join us for a wild eco-adventure, jam-packed with surprising facts as we go on an expedition to the Savannah to discover more about meerkats and their impact on the ecosystem and their anatomy. Did you know that a group of meerkats are called a mob or a gang? Meerkats can eat venomous creatures because they have immunity again it. Crawl with us while we learn about a meerkats diverse diet and even where the mob lives. Make your garden more of an ecosystem this school holiday by making a meerkat birdfeeder.

The pinboard in this issue will take you for a leap as we learn why the ocean is salty. Come see other South Africans become champions and learn what a leap year is. Explore our new learn your local language corner where every issue we will give you the basics of a new language and funny saying. This issue we are exploring Afrikaans.

In the latest edition of our Creature Feature, we are thrilled to talk about the fossa. This predator is a mix between a mongoose and a cat. They use scent glands to communicate with each other. Learn about who introduced the first leap year.

Hopping over to the History article where we learn about arcade games and where they came from. In our “Tech Talk,” we are learning about self-driving cars. We will go through how the cool cars work and if they will improve our lives in the future. Take a look at our trends section about van life, discover if you would live on the road. Fly over to page sixteen where Andy takes us on a journey to Madagascar. She shares a few of the highlights of the Malagasy and the beautiful baobabs. In Madagascar is the largest nocturnal creature.

The life the universe and everything will teach you about hilarious unintended consequences, like the cobra conundrum and about operation cat drop.  Our photo feed will freak you out with our freaky flowers. From a bleeding red heart to a weed called witches hair that devours everything in its path, even learn about ghost plants.

Our second feature article in this issue is all about amazing Africans travelling the world. Learn about how Sihle Khumalo travelled from Cape Town to Cairo and how Joe Labuschagne ran across Africa to raise awareness, he ran 3 175 km. explore how the U-Dream global teenage group built their own airplane that flew 12 000 km. Paddle with us on Riaan Mansers adventure where he cycled 37 000 km. And lastly climb with Sibusiso Vilane where he climbed Mount Everest twice.

Do our hieroglyph sudoku in our brain games corner and crack the code. Test yourself about Tutankhamun by answering the questions on page 41. Hop over to conversations with Candice, where we deal with serious conversations. And finally, take a ride down to the comics we have included in this issue. From the comic Marine Animals to Doctor RIP, you will never find yourself bored this summer. We hope you enjoyed this issue as much as we did. Stay safe this summer kids and see you on the flip side.

Stay curious kids!

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