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Dec 12, 2023

Hey Curious Kids!

It is finally time to put those schoolbooks away because summer has officially begun. The sunny weather leaves you no choice but to go outside for a refreshing beverage or jump in the pool. In our latest issue, we delve into the fascinating world of crocodiles, dispelling any fears you may have about their intimidating teeth. Discover their diverse habitats, unique food preferences, and intriguing sleeping patterns. Uncover astonishing facts like the incredible strength of a saltwater crocodile’s bite, which surpasses even that of a lion by over 3.5 times. Dive deeper into this captivating edition as we also uncover birthday traditions from around the globe and reveal surprising mullet facts that you probably did not know about.

 Join us for a wild eco-adventure, jam-packed with surprising facts as we go on an expedition to the Nile River to discover more about crocodiles and their impact on the ecosystem and their anatomy. Did you know that a crocodile is the oldest reptile on earth, over 200 million years old! Crocodiles are also ectothermic reptiles which means they cannot control their body temperature and have to rely on their habitat temperature. Snap your hands together because we are learning about a crocodile’s diverse diet and even the length of the longest crocodile ever found. The habitat of these big reptiles helps other living creatures build their habitat and in return helps the ecosystem grow. Impress your friends this summer by making them crocodile-themed cupcakes which you can find in our latest issue.

The pinboard in this issue will blow your mind as we learn that a desert does not need sand to be considered a desert. A desert is determined by the little rainfall they have and the lack of plant and animal life. We also enjoyed spending time with Shaylee who wrote a comic book at the young age of 15 and she tells us what she enjoyed most about creating her book.  

In the latest edition of our Creature Feature, we are thrilled to talk about Capybaras. These giant guinea pigs are semi-aquatic and can hold their breath underwater for more than five minutes. Did you know that their two front teeth never stop growing which means that they have to chew on wood to maintain it at a reasonable length? We also learn that the pretty rings around Saturn will no longer be visible in 2025. Back in the Culture Corner, we learn about the different birthday traditions around the world where you would see the longest noodles made in China.

Hopping over to the History article where we learn about the lightbulb and who came up with the bright idea. In our “Tech Talk,” we learn of … genetic engineering! That’s right, you can change the way objects look with just a few tweaks in DNA. How cool would it be to change your eye color? Have you seen the mullet madness that is back? Take a look at the people who rock a mullet and read about the interesting facts of mullets. Fly over to page sixteen where Andy takes us on a journey to her first trip to Morocco. She shares a few of the highlights of the ancient marketplaces and the rich history of Moroccan culture.

If you get easily bored and like to do daring things, then you will love the article that we put together on the deadliest jobs in the world. These people around the world are trained professionals to do the most daring things. We know your heartbeat would go up by just reading about what these people need to do for their dangerous jobs. Our photo feed brings you so much cuteness with photos of different bird friends.

Our first feature article of this issue is all about the women who changed the world of art. Did you know that 51% of the artists around the world are women? These women have changed the way people see art and their names will forever be remembered in history. Some of these women are Frida Kahlo and Mary Cassatt. This article includes beautiful illustrations of these women. I know we all would feel inspired by just looking at their photos.

Our second feature article in this issue is all about unraveling secrets to your brain and gut health. Through detailed illustrations, we see how food travels from the moment you swallow your first bite. But did you know that your system starts with your nose and eyes, when you look at or smell food, your brain will tell your gut what to expect. Impress your brain and gut by following our delicious recipe for a breakfast smoothie. This is your sign to eat more veggies because they help your body get rid of unwanted toxins!

Do you think you have what it takes to draw like Frida Kahlo? Test yourself with our drawing grid and see if you can replicate a picture of Frida Kahlo. Question yourself about the brain and gut article by answering the questions on page 41. And finally, take a ride down to the comics we have included in this issue. From the comic Marine Animals to Doctor RIP, you will never find yourself bored this summer. We hope you enjoyed this issue as much as we did. Stay safe this summer kids and see you on the flip side.

Stay curious kids!

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