Write a Sci-Fi Story

Write a sci-fi story

Written by Supernova

Dec 18, 2020

Join Supernova as we travel to another dimension where aliens and UFO’s exist. Write your own sci-fi story or complete the story we started writing with these cool tips.

The story to complete…

write two or more paragraphs (250 to 500 words) to complete this story.

Optional extra details:

  • Aliens 
  • UFO’s 
  • Disease / Outbreak 

Elements of it should include:

  • An unexplained phenomenon occurs. 
  • Scientists try to explain it. 
  • Clues are left behind that can lead to a sequel.

Examples of science fiction movies:  

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind 
  • Signs 
  • E.T. 
  • Aliens 

Write your own sci-fi story
Complete the end of this story.

Let your creative juices flow and write your own sci-fi story, and send it to mail@kidsmag.co.za to be featured in an upcoming issue! Look out for more Writing Whiz blog posts to become the next best writer.

Supernova volume 8.5 Bushbabies

This article first appeared in Supernova Volume 8.5
Words by Vanessa Smeets
Illustrations by Kerry Moolman

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