Vol 9.5 of Supernova is here!

Supernova volume 9.5

Written by Supernova

Apr 23, 2021

Hey curious kids!

Supernova vol 9.5 is here! Are you ready for another mind-blowing issue of your favourite magazine? This issue features legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci on the cover. Our old pal Leo and his fantastic life in the 1500s have some important lessons to teach us about failure. No matter how many times you fail and try again, it is important to just keep persevering. You never know, you might be one more failure away from your next great invention!

Supernova volume 9.5

What to look forward to

We kick off our Pinboard with a question you’ve probably always wanted to know the answer to – What determines our eye colour? We also give you the inside scoop into what some of your fellow South Africans got up to during lockdown. We’ll give you a hint . . . there’s a new book and a new song for you to check out!

Supernova volume 9.5

You can read all about some phenomenal floods that have washed over our Earth, learn some fun facts about the French Horn, and read up on all you need to know about becoming a Lightning Pathologist. After that, make sure you buckle up tight as Andy takes us on a visit to the Matsés Village in the Amazon! This fascinating secluded tribe have so many cool traditions that have been preserved over hundreds of years. And, if you’re looking for an excuse to take a tea break, why not cosy up with your favourite cup and read all about the history of tea? From great Chinese emperors and silk tea bags, to illegal tea trade and fashionable tea parties, you won’t be able to put it down!

Supernova volume 9.5

Considering that this issue is all about Leonardo da Vinci, we just had to talk about his legendary inventions! Although many of his experiments never really worked, you may recognise that they inspired the invention of many objects that we now use every day! And of course, we had to ask some Superkids about the weird and wonderful things they would invent if they were inventors. You can check out all of their answers in the Chatroom and start planning your own dream inventions.

And more great stuff!

If you’ve ever wondered about the biggest robberies, look no further! ‘Humongous Heists’ busts out the facts on the mind-boggling bucks that have been stolen in the world’s biggest robberies. After that, read all about the ‘Science of Aging’ and how people are beginning to live longer and longer. Would you want to live forever?

This time, Ant’s Eco Adventure takes you deep into the dashing world of dassies! Did you know that their closest relatives are the elephant and the dugong? How cool! You’ll learn all about their habits, adaptations, enemies and sunbathing habits! So next time you spot a friendly dassie on a rocky outcrop or in your garden, you’ll know all the facts there are to know about dassies! You can also fold your own origami dassie to decorate your desk or bedside table!

Supernova volume 9.5

For those Superkids who have an adventurous spirit, the ‘Tales of Daring Explorers’ is just for you. The inspiring stories of some of the people who helped to discover our world will give you the bug to pack your bag and go out exploring! Supernova wraps up this issue with some of the freakiest (and most outrageous) phobias, some awesome schoolyard games to keep you entertained, and a mind-crunching crossword. Are you up for it?

Stay curious kids!

Supernova volume 9.5

Get your copy of Supernova vol 9.5 here!

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