Issue 10.5 of Supernova magazine is here

Written by Candice

Aug 3, 2022

Hey Curious Kids!

Welcome to the latest issue of Supernova magazine! Going back to school after a long school holiday is always a bit frustrating, but we know just how to get your spirits up. It can be hard to sit still in class and listen when you are used to going on a new adventure every day. So, why not continue the adventure with a copy of our new issue of Supernova, hot off the press?

Firstly, get ready as we start off with the most amazingly pink bird out there… the flamingo! Learn all about where the flamingo gets its beautiful pink feathers and how these animals live in the wild.

Creatures of the deep, issue 10.5
In the Pinboard, we learn how coconut trees get to remote islands and meet a cancer patient that kicked cancer’s butt in more than one way. We see what a supermassive black hole looks like, and learn about the tiny Club-Winged Manakin and its vibrating wings. Then, have a look at some of the most bizarre creatures that live in the deep blue sea. Don’t forget to tell us which one was your favourite in this issue!

Anime and music lovers will freak out when they see Yoko Kanno, the face of the anime music industry! We chat with a professional skateboarder with some rad tricks up his sleeve and some Guinness World Records under his belt. You better get your boats a floatin’ when we join Andy on her visit to Giethoorn, the village without roads.
Giethoorn, issue 10.5
Get out your trusty pasta fork and get ready to ask it about anything and everything you have always wondered about! We also asked our readers for some of their words of wisdom, and they did not disappoint. Check out the hilarious responses we got from them! Try to hold in your giggles so you don’t breathe in any dust as we look at some of the most epic archaeology fails!
Archaeology fails
The fun doesn’t end when we have a look at the perfect “green” house, and how we can start using the way we live to help the planet! If you want to know more about being green, you should head over to one of our Features, where we talk to Bertus Louw. He is the ultimate eco-warrior and will definitely motivate you to start living a healthier lifestyle for the planet. Don’t forget to do the quiz and let us know if you are a litterbug, reluctant recycler, or eco-warrior like Bertus! And while you’re at it, have a look at our awesome eco-craft! We made a beautiful flamingo flowerpot that will look absolutely stunning in your garden.
Bertus Louw feature, issue 10.5
Future doctors, start getting excited! From platelets and red blood cells to blood type, we are exploring everything that is in our blood. And when you are finished with that, you can do the craft that shows you what your blood looks like under a microscope.

Then, let’s dive into a pharaoh’s tomb and have a look at what the ancient Egyptians took with them to the afterlife. Hop over to the ‘Mind Your Manners’ article, and learn that it is not always rude to be rude!
What is in a pharaoh's tomb, issue 10.5
Enjoy some time outside with your loved ones as you get active with us and learn how to plant your very own tree! Lastly, try not to get your alphabet too jumbled up with our Brain Games. We are doing a super fun word search.  Remember to check out our hilarious comic at the back of the issue. Join Doctor RIP and Darwin as they have an encounter with a very angry shark!
Remember to get your very own copy of the flamingo issue here!

See you next time, and stay curious kids!

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