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Oct 31, 2023

Hey Curious Kids!

Spring has finally sprung and with it we expect a ton of warm weather and some sneaky thunderstorms! Kick back and relax because we have a ton of great activities that will help you fill-up both the gloomy and sunny days. In our latest issue we want you to pack your bags and head straight to your imagination station for the best trip you will ever experience with our hyena-themed issue. Jump straight into this wild adventure filled with a ton of interesting people, unbelievable activities, and endless fun! 

Join us for a wild eco-adventure, jam packed with educational facts as we cackle with some funny hyenas! Discover cool facts about their habitat, habits, and diet. Did you know there are four species of hyena? Find out what threatens their existence and how different cultures have different myths surrounding them. Come explore all these wonderful facts as we dive into the world of these magnificent creatures. We’ll also learn how to make a cool hyena mask so that you feel a better connection to these magnificent animals. It’s a fun way to get the conversation started about hyenas and all their conservation issues.

This time on the Pinboard, we look at CHOC kids’ Corner where we learn about how a special organisation helps the foundation make the lives all these special kids a bit better! We also learn the sleeping patterns of koala bears! We can guarantee you that its way more than your recommended 8 hours. We also have a very beautiful book review by Danica on “The stories that Grandma Forgot” by Nadine Aisha Jassat’s. Thanks for the recommendation, Danica!

In the latest edition of our Creature Feature we are thrilled to present the fascinating Puffins. The Puffin is fondly known as a sea parrot and has a magical beak that adapts with the seasons! Discover how this weirdly cute bird is slowly dying out in the animal kingdom, the cause will shock you. Jules also answers a question that has been pinching away at our minds: How do crabs communicate. Then in our pro-file article we pop and lock as we learn about the behind the scenes of being a choreographer!

For all our aspiring young scientists, we have a cool snippet of the Eskom Expo for young scientists! Did you know that 330 young scientists from different parts of the world came to South Africa to show all their amazing projects? How cool is that?! Over in the Culture Corner, we learn all about wedding cultures from around the world. For example, in Kenya fathers spit on their daughter’s wedding dresses to ensure the marriage has good luck. We also get attuned to our musical side as we learn about the musical genius that is Bach and the how he got where he is.

Jumping over to the “History of” article… this time around we’re learning all about keys! Early keys worked very well until people learnt how to pick locks! This issue of The Tech Talk is packed with an exciting article on artificial intelligence! Did you know that AI makes artwork that is generated through text? Controversial or cool, we can’t decide! We also have a special feature on some home-grown South African heroes who changed the world, like Springbok captain Siya Kolisi. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Trends article, where we explore the beauty of being yourself and the power of positivity. Get ready for an amazing read that will spark your curiosity. 

Make sure your seatbelts are fastened to join Andy on her trip to Patagonia! She teaches us all about the history of its name and how it was the home of the biggest dino. We also have an article about the Comets. Can you imagine Halley’s comet only coming back when you’re 50? That feels like an entire lifetime away! You will find new appreciation for comets when you read all these cool cosmic snowballs and comet ice and dust.

The first feature article of this issue is all about the South African Heroes on the World Stage. We learn about how South Africans have always taken the world by storm, whether it was through medicine or sport. The article also has various illustrations of our beloved South African heroes from Nelson Mandela to the Ndlovu Youth Choir. It is quite inspirational!

Check out the second feature article of the latest issue as it asks an interesting question, “How do we see colour?”. In this colourful article, we explore how our eyes work and how our eyes are different from the eyes of animals. Colours play an important part in our daily lives and this article explains why. It is a must read for any curious kid.

Challenge yourself with our Brain Games’s Super Safari activity and What’cha Reading, where your knowledge on how our eyes see colour will be tested. Additionally, gain valuable insights from 15-year-old Jabu as he seeks advice from Candice on how to commit to finishing things he started. Join us for an exciting journey of learning and discovery!

As always, we have two incredible posters for you in this issue. Which do you prefer, a close-up photo of a screaming black and white ruffed lemur, or a close-up of a Nile crocodile with pearly white teeth? What a difficult choice! And finally, check out the cool comics we have included in this issue. From the usual Mimi’s Life on Mars and Doctor RIP to Young Leonardo da Vinci: The Comic, we have super entertaining comics waiting for you in this issue of Supernova! With a collection of interesting facts and articles, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the latest issue and all it has in store for you!

Stay curious, kids!

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