Written by Supernova

Jun 24, 2022

In modern definitions, yoga is understood as a practice that unites mind, body, and soul. It’s a philosophy guiding one to live in connection with self and the natural world. Today, we commonly practice yoga asana, or poses. Practicing poses has many benefits for a healthy body and mind, like decreasing anxiety, building strength, and improving focus. When kids practice yoga poses, they are also developing life skills like confidence, resiliency, and mindfulness. 

A few yoga asanas to try with your kids – don’t forget your inhales and exhales!

1. Child’s Pose

Yoga Snake Pose

– Kneeling on the floor bring toes to touch and knees open wide

– Sit back on heels

– Bow forward bringing forehead to the ground and arms reaching overhead 

Health benefits:

Release tension in the lower back. 
Calms the mind, reduces anxiety.

2. Downward Dog

– Begin on hands and knees

– Curl toes and walk hands a few inches in front

– Lift hips up toward the sky while your heels reach toward the ground

– Head hangs in between your arms

Health benefits:

Builds strength in wrists, arms, shoulders, and back

Cultivates self and body awareness

3. Snake Pose

– Begin on tummy

– Bring forearms parallel in front of you with elbows under shoulders

– Press into forearms and lift chest

– Keep legs and hips on the ground

Health benefits:

Improves posture by strengthening back muscles and stretching ab muscles.

Establishes a sense of calm and grounding.

4. Standing Tree Pose 

– Begin standing with feet in line with hips

– Bring hands to hips

– Find a point to stare at and bring one foot to the thigh of the opposite leg

– For a challenge, slowly reach arms overhead!

health benefits:

Full body engagement, strengthens core, improves posture

Increases focus and concentration skills

The mental strength it takes to practice yoga poses can be learned by anyone at any age! We learn to slow down, take deep breaths, keep our focus strong. And the journey in practicing is where we build humility, courage, and endurance.

Fun facts:

  1. Yoga dates back to over 5,000 years!
  2. Men who practice yoga are called yogis; women who practice yoga are called yoginis!
  3. Research shows that yoga and meditation can help delay aging and prevent diseases!
  4. Yoga is not a religion, but rather a science and philosophy on the connection of mind, body and soul!
  5. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit language, and means “to yoke”! 
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