The wait is over… Vol 10.3 of Supernova is here!

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Feb 25, 2022

Hey Curious Kids!

Welcome to Vol 10.3 of Supernova magazine! We hope you are enjoying the new year and all the new challenges that come with it –  like going back to school! With all the tests and projects, don’t forget to give yourself a break. In fact, there is no better way than to sit back and relax than with the latest Supernova magazine in your hand!

What to expect in the brand new Vol 10.3 of Supernova

First up, put on your woolly jackets because we are going back in time with the giants of the Ice Age. Discover fun facts you never knew about these big, furry creatures in our main feature article. Can you imagine seeing them in real life?!  

Giants of the Ice Age article

The adventure continues in the Pinboard, where we find out if bees are truly the only pollinators, show you some amazing art by even more amazing young artists, and learn all about the platypus and its funny duck bill. Hop on a boat and join Andy as she visits Robben island, a famous South African island and prison, and learn all about its rich history! Then, get a view from up above in the Photo Feed featuring stunning photos of our breathtakingly beautiful world – all taken by drones!

For the musically inclined, we have a piece about the wonderful John Williams, the composer nominated for the most awards. We have a chat with an Entomologist who travels to different countries to collect insects. If you’re a bug fanatic, you can learn even more about the interesting insects of South Africa in Ant’s Eco Adventures. Then, get your arts and crafts supplies, invite all your insect friends, and make an eco-friendly bug hotel in the Eco Craft.

Eco Craft article

More awesome content in Vol 10.3

Get out that new bar of soap in your cupboard and get ready to ask it all of the questions you’ve always been burning to ask. Maybe its answers will help you answer our controversial Chatroom question: ‘Do we need to bath every day?’. Check out some of the hilarious responses our readers sent in! After that, take a look at the fascinating history of bathing. Did you know people in Medieval times didn’t bath very often because they believed bathing actually made them more likely to catch a disease? Phew, sounds like a stinky time in history!

History of Bathing article

In our Life, the Universe and Everything section, uncover all of the ridiculously hilarious swear words people used in the olden days. Don’t forget to let us know which one was your favourite! Then, get ready to take flight with drones and discover how they have improved our lives, how they can impact the environment, and how they are used to help out in South Africa. 

Tech Talk article

And even more!

If you were looking for a bit of a laugh, you will love our piece on ‘Who’s who in the zoo?’, where we show you some of the most outrageous animal collective nouns! Also get ready to balance like you never have before in Get Active, where we teach you how to slackline at home.

Who's who in the zoo article

Impress your friends at school by finishing the mind-boggling Brain Games at the end of the magazine. They will surely be awestruck by your quick thinking! Also, remember to check out our hilarious comic featuring Doctor RIP and Darwin, the crash test bunny, as they show us what not to do when driving… As always, the pull-out poster in the middle of the mag awaits your decision! Which one will you choose to decorate your bedroom walls with? The incredible bug photography, or the fun and colourful image of a plant cell?

Stay curious, kids!

10.3 Cover Mockup

Get your copy of Vol 10.3 here!

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