The first issue of Volume 10!

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Written by Supernova

Oct 6, 2021

Hey Curious Kids!

Welcome to our 55th issue and the beginning of Volume 10! Our Supernova team is so excited to bring to life all of our new ideas, stories and creations for you to enjoy! Here’s a super sneak peek at what’s waiting for you in the new issue . . . 

What to expect

We kick of our first issue of Volume 10 with a mysterious ‘Creatures of the Night’ theme. Did you know that when you’re getting ready for bed at night, these nocturnal creatures are just waking up and starting their day? Learn all about 10 exciting nocturnal creatures that come out after 10pm in Ant’s new Eco Adventure.

Ant's Eco Adventure - Nocturnal Animals spread in Vol 10.1

From hyenas to owls, aardvarks to bats, there’s more action on the African plains during the night than during the day! After you’ve discovered these awesome nocturnal creatures, why not make your own animal shadow puppet? Check out the link here for our downloadable print-outs.

Next, take a journey across the African continent as we take a look at 10 ancient ruins of Africa! Typically, when we think of ruins, we think about the pyramids of Giza, the Colosseum in Rome and even the medieval castles scattered across Europe. But, Africa and its civilisations of old have some awesome ruins and artifacts that hold many secrets about the advanced and prosperous civilisations that lived there. 

Ancient Ruins of Africa spread - Supernova Vol 10.1

If you’ve ever wondered where the days of the week or the months of the year got their name, then look no further than our Language of Time layout! Learn how we measure decades, centuries and millennium, and uncover what people truly mean when they ‘only need 5 more minutes’. After that, try your hand at some life-saving knots in Get Active that could come in handy on your next hike, mountain climb or knitting extravaganza!

Language of Time spread - Supernova Vol 10.1
Get Active spread - Supernova Vol 10.1

And more awesome stuff!

Since Vol 10.1 celebrates the start of our 10th volume, Andy has rounded up her top 10 travel destinations that she has visited over the last 10 years. Between Armenia Bali, Beni, Easter Island, Iceland, Lesotho, Mali, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago, which one will be your favourite? We also have some awesome articles on the history of birthday candles, some famous pets and their humans, and a fantastic trip down Supernova’s memory lane as we ask some of SN’s creatives about their favourite Supernova memory. 

Ask It spread - Supernova Vol 10.1
Chatroom spread - Supernova Vol 10.1

Don’t forget to check out our brand-new comic featuring Doctor RIP and Darwin, the crash test bunny, as they demonstrate some of the outrageous ways to bite the dust. And as always, we have two awesome pull-out posters in the new issue for you to decorate your bedroom walls with! Will you choose the majestic Fennec fox, or a drawing of Mimi from our awesome comic ‘Mimi’s Life on Mars’? 

Stay curious, kids!

Supernova Vol 10.1 Cover Mockup

Get your copy of Vol 10.1 here!

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