It’s finally here – Volume 10.4!

Vol 10.4 of Supernova magazine is here

Written by Supernova

Apr 13, 2022

Hey Curious Kids!

It’s finally here! Volume 10.4 of Supernova magazine has arrived, hot off the press. While it may be getting chilly as the temperatures drop and winter arrives in South Africa, we have the perfect way to warm you up from the inside out! Grab your cuddliest blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and your copy of the newest issue of Supernova magazine!

What to expect in the brand new Volume 10.4 of Supernova!

Start off your adventure in our Pinboard section. Be prepared to have your mind blown as Jules explains why elephants walk super quietly using soft pads underneath their gigantic feet. You would never expect an African giant to walk around without a sound! Also learn about the bright, young Eco-Warriors from around our country that care about the future of our planet and are taking steps to help save it. We also introduce you to a real-life ‘dragon’ – the Frilled Lizard that walks around on its hind legs!

Pinboard in 10.4 of Supernova

If you’re a music lover, make sure to take a look at our musical feature on Grace Moore, the youngest composer in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra! How rad. Also, read all about what it takes to be a great tattoo artist in the Pro-Files. Then, come along and follow our resident traveller, Andy, to Singapore and uncover the marvels of their beautiful country! We also have a serious talk with sunscreen in our Ask It section, in order to find out where sunscreen comes from and what it does to save your skin.

Sunscreen article in magazine

More awesome content in Volume 10.4!

Who is your modern day hero? Check out some responses from fellow Supernova reader in the Chatroom! Also, did you know that you can buy toilet paper that has 22 karat gold in it? Talk about filthy rich! Boggle your mind even further in the Life, the Universe and Everything with a list of nine of the most expensive things in the world! We also take a look at why the smarter side of plants (even though they don’t have a brain) in our Tech Talk!

Tech Talk Smart Brains

Grab your gear and follow Ant on her next eco-adventure as she explores the weird and wonderful world of chameleons! We learn about the fascinating anatomy of these interesting lizards and break down exactly how and why they change colours! Then, dust off your art supplies and create a cool chameleon bookmark in the Eco Craft.

Ants Eco Adventure spread in 10.4

Discover the world of body art, as we take a closer look at the anthropological practices of tattooing, piercing, and other body modifications. Get to know where these cultural traditions came from and how they are still used in the modern world today!

Body Art article in Supernova

Celebrate the legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s life with us, and discover more about the incredible difference he made to the lives of every South African.

Desmond Tutu article in 10.4

And even more!

Our hilarious feature on the Silly Things Adults Say to Kids is back! In part 2, we take a look at some of the things that adults say that just don’t make much sense. Then, gear up and get ready to dive deep into another world – the wonderful world of snorkelling! Our Get Active section gives you all of the best tips on how to snorkel and what to look out for while you’re underwater!

Snorkelling Get Active in Supernova

Don’t forget to look out for Doctor R.I.P and Darwin, the crash test bunny as they test out the dangers of lighting! And as always, we have two awesome pull-out posters in the new issue for you to decorate your bedroom walls with!

We also have a masterful Brain Game to keep you busy throughout this issue! Look out for the six camouflaged chameleons we have hidden across pages in the magazine. Can you spot them all?

Stay curious kids!

Chameleon magazine cover

Get your copy of Vol 10.4 here!

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