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Written by Chanel Roux

Sep 11, 2023

Hey Curious Kids!

Kick off your summer with an explosive Supernova adventure! Grab a refreshing iced tea and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of imagination with our latest and greatest hippo-themed issue. Get ready to dive into a world filled with captivating stories, exciting activities, and endless fun! 

Join us for a fun and educational exploration as we hang out with hippos! Discover fascinating facts about their habitat, habits, and diet. Did you know that hippos are incredibly social animals? Find out what threatens their existence and how we can help protect them from extinction. And here’s an exciting bonus: Did you know that hippos produce pink milk? As we delve into the world of these magnificent creatures, we’ll also learn a delicious recipe for a beetroot milkshake. It’s a fun way to connect with hippos and support their conservation efforts.

This time on the Pinboard, we look at Mbongeni Buthelezi, who uses plastic litter from local dumps and city streets to create magnificent works of art. His art has even been showcased at the United Nations Climate Change Conference! Jules answers a question that has been bugging us: How do spiders make webs? Then, we also learn about 46 000-year-old worms! These worms are able to stay alive for so long by entering a state of hibernation while in permafrost – brrr!

Introducing the latest edition of our Creature Feature! This month, we are thrilled to present the fascinating Tarsier, a small primate with a big appetite for meat. Discover how this adorable creature stands out as the only carnivorous primate in the animal kingdom. Also, don’t miss out on CHOC Kids Corner’s special celebration of cancer awareness month, where we join hands to support and raise awareness for those fighting against this disease. And finally, dive into Danica’s fantastic book review of Cath Howe’s new book, My Life on Fire. Thanks for the recommendation, Danica!

For the Mozart maniacs, we have a thrilling piece on Wolfgang Mozart! Did you know that he composed his first piece of music when he was only five years old? How amazing is that?! Over in the Culture Corner, we learn all about what happens when you lose your baby teeth around the world. In Greece, children make a wish and throw their lost tooth onto the roof of their house!

Jumping over to the History of article…this time around we’re learning all about underwear! Did you know that it is illegal not to wear underwear in public in Thailand? The latest issue of The Tech Talk is packed with exciting articles! Did you know that electric cars have been around since 1832? That’s way before our time, but still super cool! We also have a special feature on Hosea, a talented carpenter who shares his passion for woodworking. And don’t miss out on the Trends article, where we explore the rise of Korean culture and the popular trends like K-pop and Ramyeon. Get ready for an amazing read that will spark your curiosity. 

Buckle up, this time Andy visited Namibia! She teaches us all about the history of oldest desert, the highest sand dunes and the desert wildlife. Then, we also have an article about the world’s luckiest people. Can you imagine winning the lottery four times? You will find new appreciation for a lucky streak when you read about these incredibly lucky people and what they’ve experienced!

The first feature article of this issue tells us about Banksy and asks, “Who is Banksy?” We learn why Banksy is anonymous and about all of his favourite famous art pieces. Join us for a cuteness overload with the Photo Feed – we are having a look at our amazing planet! Some of the photographs are an absolutely rare sighting!

Check out our second feature about Africa being torn in two! Find out if we should be worried, what causes this rifting and what the future holds for our continent in the light of this worrying development! Before you worry too much, get tricky with our awesome article on different trick shots! Use our useful tips to master your own trick shots.

Challenge yourself with our Brain Games and explore the fascinating article, What’cha Reading, to test your knowledge on Africa’s continent tearing in two. Additionally, gain valuable insights from 11-year-old Bianca as she seeks advice from Candice on dealing with feeling left out of a friend group. Join us for an exciting journey of learning and discovery! 

As always, we have two incredible posters for you in this issue. Which do you prefer, a super close-up of an embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko, or a close-up of a cute and cuddly spotted hyena cub? What a difficult choice! And finally, check out the cool comics we have included in this issue. From the usual, Mimi’s Life on Mars and Doctor RIP to Marine Animals: The Comic, we have super entertaining comics waiting for you in this issue of Supernova! With a collection of interesting facts and articles, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the latest issue and all it has in store for you!

Stay curious, kids!

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