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Dec 8, 2021

Hey Curious Kids!

Are you ready for the brand new Supernova Vol 10.2? Wow, what a busy and jam-packed year it has been! Our Supernova team has achieved so many great things – like publishing our 56th magazine – and celebrated many wonderful milestones – like Supernova’s 10th birthday!

When the days and weeks get so busy, it’s hard to take a moment to look back and appreciate all of the great things that you have achieved. But, it’s super important! Not only will it motivate you to keep succeeding, but it reminds you to be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself can help you feel content and grateful, and usually makes you good at motivating others. We know this new issue of Supernova will keep you entertained as we wrap up 2021. And now that it’s the holidays, what more could you need from the best kids’ mag in the universe?

What to expect in the brand new Supernova Vol 10.2

Dive right into our Pinboard, where we lay down all of the must-know facts about vaccines, introduce you to some rad comic art, meet the future brave wildlife experts of SA, and learn all about a mysterious creature with an incredible sense of smell… the star-nosed mole! Then, kick off your trip across the sky with our brilliant Photo Feed featuring some of the best photos of mind-blowing phenomena found across our skies.

For the music lovers, we have an epic piece dedicated to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, the first major classical African composer. And for the sports lovers, we chat to a sport physiotherapist working with one of South Africa’s top rugby teams! We also have a hilarious history of sports feature in our Life, the Universe and Everything section. Then, lace up a pair of your favourite tekkies and get ready to explore the curious history of shoes in Ask It. Did you know that men were the first to wear heels?

ProFile feature in Supernova 10.2
Life, Universe and Everything feature in Supernova 10.2
Ask It feature in Supernova 10.2

More awesome content

Every issue of Supernova takes you on an adventure to explore beautiful places across our planet. Keep those tekkies laced up tight as we venture with Andy to one of South Africa’s very own islands… which is covered in snow! Then, get ready for an educational exploration of South Africa’s biomes in Ant’s Eco Adventure! We take you to eight of our country’s major biomes and tell you all about some of the interesting plants, birds and animals that live there. This is just one of the many reasons for South Africa’s amazing diversity and awesome landscape. 

Ant's Eco Adventure feature in Supernova 10.2

We also explore the exciting and rapidly developing world of prosthetics in our Tech Talk, with a breakdown of some of the coolest prosthetic inventions so far! No doubt, there are even more awesome developments to come in the future. 

Tech Talk feature in Supernova 10.2

If you were searching for some dazzle and extravagance in our day, then look no further than our fabulous article on High Fashion Through the Ages. We break down some of the most outrageous outfits worn by nobles and royalty in different time period across the world. Then, put on your upcycling thinking cap and get crafty – we’re making a bag out of an old t-shirt! 

And even more!

Our Interview with a Guide Dog is sure to bring a big smile to your face! Learn about what it takes to be a guide dog, how these awesome pups change people’s lives, and how you can be part of helping out! After that, our Silly Things Adults Say article is sure to have you giggling and chuckling – ever wondered why adults tell you that the TV will give you square eyes? Now’s your chance to find out!

Interview with a Guide Dog feature in Supernova 10.2
Silly Things Adults Say feature in Supernova 10.2

Finish off your busy year with some relaxing yoga poses in Get Active, and keep busy in the car this holiday with our brand-new Brain Games. This time, it’s both funny AND brain teasing!

Get Active feature in Supernova 10.2

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our brand-new comic featuring Doctor RIP and Darwin, the crash test bunny, as they demonstrate some of the outrageous ways to bite the dust. And as always, we have two awesome pull-out posters in the new issue for you to decorate your bedroom walls with! Will you choose the fantastic Kwezi superhero, or a hilarious pic of a fiery chameleon? It’s up to you!

Kwezi poster in Supernova 10.2

Stay curious, kids!

Cover of Supernova 10.2

Get your copy of Vol 10.2 here!

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