Win tickets to see Extinct!

Win tickets to see Extinct the Movie

Written by Supernova

Jan 13, 2021

Whip out some art pencils, draw your awesome extinct animal picture and win tickets to see the brand new Extinct movie!

We are celebrating the new Extinct movie releasing in cinemas on the 26th of March. Supernova is calling all the great young artists of SA to send us your best drawing of an extinct animal that you think could have existed in the past! You could win fantastic double tickets to see the new Extinct movie!

Extinct the movie - Flummels sharing a donut

How to win Extinct tickets:

If you want to stand a chance to win double movie tickets to see Extinct, enter now! All you have to do is send us your best drawing of an animal that could have existed millions of years ago!

Email it to us at mail@kidsmag.co.za or WhatsApp it to 012 342 5347.

Hurry! Competition closes 24 March 2021.

Terms and Conditions

Extinct movie poster

The Extinct story:

Op and Ed are sister and brother flummels – cute, furry donut-shaped animals. They live on an island in the Galapagos in 1835! Ed is a grumpy pessimist who desperately wants to fit in with the community. Op is overly exuberant and constantly creates havoc that makes them outsiders. When Op’s impulsive actions end up ruining the preparations for the upcoming Flower Festival, Op and Ed are banished. Undeterred, Op leads Ed up the far side of the mountain to the forbidden zone. They decide to search for flowers that are so wonderful the flummels will have to let them rejoin the festival. There, to Op and Ed’s amazement, they discover a large, mysterious glowing flower. The flower opens up and, with a magical pulse, sucks both Op and Ed into it. They plummet through a colorful time portal and pop out into a house in… modern day Shanghai.

Check out the trailer for Extinct here:

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4 months ago

We are excited about the competition. Where can we see the rules and the submissions date?

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