Locking-up for lockdown

BK Publishing, Preflight Books and Supernova magazine’s offices, like those of businesses all over the country, are closing temporarily. We have been practising social distancing for two weeks already and will now lock-up during the lockdown.

But we are still here for you! As a publishing house and a disseminator of information and entertainment, we will continue to fulfil our duty. We will continue to publish electronically, from home.

Every day for the next 21 days, the Supernova team will prepare packages of excellent boredom busting activities and reading content. We’ve called this campaign Bust the Boredom. Not to make light of the situation, but to allow your kids a space in which to unwind and engage their minds with other topics.

Our kids are hearing so much, and processing much, more than we ever had to. My daughter, who is four now, has satellite dishes for ears. She hears all our conversations. We’ve decided not to give her conflicting messages. I think it would create much more anxiety if we told her the one moment, “don’t worry, we won’t get sick,” and the next, “don’t put that in your mouth, you’re going to die!” She is part of the conversation and dealing with it with us.

This time is a perfect opportunity for us to engage with our kids and to rekindle a reading culture at home. The Bust the Boredom activities can be done alone but are best done as a family. We’ve always seen Supernova magazine as a family magazine, rather than just for kids. It’s a tool for starting conversations. Most of them start with, “Mom, Dad, did you now…?”

As a small business we are navigating this situation as best we can and I am extremely proud of my team, Alexander, Nadja, Su-Mia, Siya, Saskia, Schae and our network of freelancers. They are determined, as ever, to help you through this time, to keep your children’s brains engaged and to help our small business survive. We would appreciate the support from you too. Please engage with us on social media, share our newsletter with other parents and get them to sign up.

The newsletter and all our electronic content are free, but our online shop remains open and your orders will be shipped after the lockdown has been lifted. Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait because any magazine or book that you buy on our shop www.kidsmag.co.za, will be sent to you as a free electronic .pdf version, which you can read on any device.

You can also contact Siya directly at siya@bkpublishing.co.za to place any orders or enquire about availability or electronic versions.

We hope you enjoy the content we put together for you and wish you all good health.



Benoit Knox

Managing director and publisher of Supernova magazine

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