Free downloadable copy of Supernova

Are you curious about Supernova and looking to subscribe for your class or progeny but would like to take a look at our content first?

Fear not! The free digital sample of Supernova Volume 7.2 is now available!

This free digital sample will give you a good idea of all our regular features and how the information is presented in our magazines, allowing you to make an informed decision before you subscribe or buy any of our back issues. We know that because Supernova magazine is exclusively available through our online shop or walk in sales in our office in Hatfield, it might be a bit daunting to make the decision to subscribe. We would like to put your mind at rest and give you this opportunity to peruse the mag the way you would had you seen the magazine in a conventional store. Enjoy!


Here you go you lucky person

Supernova 7.2 Free Sample Download