Q. What age group is Supernova appropriate for?

A. Supernova magazine is designed for kids between the ages of 8 and 15. The levels of information, activities, jokes, and featured content will find a reader across the age group range. Kids that are still learning to read might prefer the Highlights™ magazines.


Q. I have a 6 year old, how do I choose between Highlights™ (6 – 10) and High Five™  Magazines (2 – 6)?

A. It will depend on your child’s reading level and what he/she would be more interested in. High Five™ has text that is larger and kept to very short paragraphs, perfect for an early reader. Highlights™ has smaller text and more in-depth features and ideas.


Q. Can you send the magazine to a Postnet Address?

A. Yes, and private boxes.


Q. How do I get onto your mailing list?

A. Send a mail to mail@bkpublishing.co.za and we’ll put you on.


Q. What methods of payment are available?

A. We support credit card, fast EFT, normal EFT and Snapcan payments on our online shop.


Q. Is your website safe?

A. Yes. We have all the appropriate security measures in place to make our payment gateways as safe as possible.


Q. Is your website child friendly?

A. Yes! Under SN Online we have various activities and posts for kids to read. We’ve designed the entire site to be kid friendly and be a safe place to teach kids about navigating a website.


Q. Can I as a teacher/homeschooling parent use Supernova in my classroom?

A. Absolutely. We’ve designed Supernova to be attractive to kids and to be educational, so we love it if teachers or parents use it as an educational resource. For more on how to use Supernova in your classroom, click here and for the educational benefits of Supernova, click here.


Q. Is Supernova CAPS-aligned?

A. Most issues of Supernova will have at least one feature that is completely and intentionally CAPS-aligned, and the other features can usually fall in as well.


Q. How can I contact you for more information?

A. You can call us on 012 342 5347 or send an email to kendall@bkpublishing.co.za with any questions.


Q. Can I order back issues?

A. All our back issues and box sets that are still in print are available for purchase.