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Why you should advertise

Supernova, the mag for curious kids should be an essential part of your marketing plan which focusses on reaching children, their parents and educators. Our primary audience is South Africa’s future leaders: they are young, fun, intelligent, aware and active. This is your chance to talk to them. Our brand penetration into this market is unique as we form a close relationship with our audience. The Supernova brand is focussed on building loyalty and trust.

It is an accessible, engaging brand with which children can identify. It is valuable, timeless and endearing. Our focussed approach to distribution, marketing, content and design assures a high hit-rate for our advertising partners.

Do you

  • have a message to share with the youth?
  • need to educate them on specific topics?
  • provide services and support for children in need?
  • have important resources for educators and learners?
  • need to communicate with children on their level?

You can:

  • make use of our unique communication techniques.
  • advertise your programmes, services and products.
  • call the youth to action through competitions.
  • make use of our feedback mechanisms.
  • tailor a unique programme or campaign.
  • identify and profile young leaders.
  • sponsor a section or feature.
  • provide us with relative content.

Supernova specifications

Primary target market: children, 9 to 14 years old

Frequency: Alternate monthly

Cover price: R40.00 (incl. VAT)

Distribution: Supernova is sold via our online shop, at school events, selected destination shops, and expositions.

Launched: 2011

For advertising opportunities contact:

Kendall Behr – Head of Marketing

kendall (at)