The hottest mag in the universe


All kids agree that Supernova magazine  is the coolest magazine in the universe. Christopher (12) thinks so too:

Supernova always has such interesting facts in it. You can pick it up and just find something there that’s cool.”

Join Christopher, and thousands of kids in South Africa, and around the world, who think this magazine is the BANG.

From investigating new discoveries to finding out how your own body works. Atoms! Turtles! Trains and planes, stars and seas, mountains and mythology, and more – it is all there in each packed issue of Supernova!

What’s Supernova all about?

Supernova is a general interest magazine which covers topics from science, technology, environmental issues, world cultures, sports, the arts, and social issues.

Why should I read Supernova?

Supernova is carefully designed to help you read, absorb and enjoy a wide range of topics. Things that you know about and things that you’ve never heard of. Our aim is to turn you into a responsible, informed, and motivated citizen of the Earth. And you’ll know a whole lot of cool facts that you can share with your friends and family.

So, how do I get my copy of Supernova?

Supernova magazine is subscription based. That means we send it to you in the post every 2 months. You can subscribe online by going here, and you can find us at any cool events throughout the year, like Hobby-X and the Homeschoolers Expos.

Gotta have them all

Did you know that Supernova has been around since 2011? Do you have the whole collection? Go here to see if you have them all.

The new home of Supernova online

We’re constantly finding new ways of making Supernova more fun, informative and exciting, keeping your curious mind occupied and entertained. We’ve created a website where kids can find informative information to help you with school work, as well as read more about all sorts of awesome topics and things to do. The website is created to cater to your needs. You can filter what you want to read and whenever you see the website sign in the magazine, there’s something cool online to read, watch or do.

Get in contact

Did you know that Supernova is about you, the things that interest you and things that will open your mind? You can share your opinions, your short stories, poems, artworks and photos with the kids of the world by sending us an email to or posting on our social media.

Only R300 for a subscription